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2018 Crosswinds Cross Winds Classic Little Rock Arkansas Road Cycling Race
Cross Winds Classic 2018 (2018/02/18)

Sunday I attended the Cross Winds Classic race that was sponsored by Central Arkansas Velo (CARVE), which was roughly 20 minutes east of Little Rock’s downtown area. Staging and parking was at the Stone Links subdivision club house parking lot, which was fairly packed out by the time the races were really rolling. The course was a 12.8 mile loop that was extremely flat and open, but the wind was relatively low that day so the ‘cross winds’ weren’t unbearable 😉 By means of the smooth talking of a friend, I was able to hop in the back bed of a wheel truck (better hold on!) and get some great shots of one of the earlier women’s race, as well as the standard fare sideline shots. Aside from a number of wrecks, the race was a huge success and I can’t wait for next year!

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2017 Cross Boss series cyclocross cyclox cycling race little rock arkansas
Arkansas Cross Boss! Race #4 @ Boyle Park (2017/12/16)


Last weekend, Cross Boss held their fourth and final race of the season at Boyle Park, signalling the end of the second year of a sweet cyclocross series. The course was similar to last year’s course at the same location, but there were a few notable changes. First, most of the uphill sections that required crossing the road were removed; only one section remained across the road this year. The southern end was also shortened up a bit. Below is a GPS track of the course, along with the event pictures.

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